Are you using your time the best way ?

Do you know the 4 Zones of your Activities ?

“If you are human, you have a calling: to live your genius.” – Gay Hendricks

Have you ever examined how you spend most of your working hours?

What kind of activities consume your entire day and what should be the ideal activities that you know you need to incorporate in your day?

How can you feel fulfilled at the end of the day?

If above few questions resonated with you, then keep reading, as this article is all about how you can safeguard your time from being wasted on low-priority activities and how to find your most important activities that will lead you towards the path of fulfilment.

We will talk about four different zones of activities, in which all of your activities can be categorized, as formulated by Gay Hendricks in his book The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear And Take Life To The Next Level

Here are the four different zones of...

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