You're amazing :)) 

Congratulations on deciding to change your life over the next week simply by listening to this Success Visualisation Audio for just 20 mins each day!

How do you currently start your day?

What's the very first thing you do each and every morning? 

You're probably not even thinking about it when you do it. You're running completely on auto-pilot thanks to your habits.

Do you...

  •  Reach for your phone to check notifications?
  • Feel for your glasses so you can see?
  • Hit snooze and try to fall back sleep?
  • Jump out of bed and run for caffeine?

Think about...

What's your morning ritual?

Whether you like it or not, you've got a ritual, a way of starting your day. And for good, or for 'could be better' it sets up your entire day for success (or something else).

So tomorrow, how about this? Set your alarm for 20 mins earlier ! (Yes, I agree completely, sleep is very important, so go to bed earlier!).

As soon as you wake up reach over and press the Play button on your copy of the Success Visualisation.

Do this for the next 3 days. Then stretch that to 7 days.

Build listening to this Success Visualisation into your new morning ritual.


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